Date Masters/mistresses names Actual # One carriage Two carriages Three or more Duty
1789 Olrick Parish
10 Sep 1789 James Traill of Hobister 1 1 £0.15.0
Thurso Parish
11Sep 1789 Rt Honle [Right Honourable] Lady Jannet Sinclair of Ulbster 1 1 £0.15.0
Wick Parish
Benjamin Dunbar Of Hemprigs 1 1 £0.15.0
Parishes Collected
Olrick Parish 1 1 £0.15.0
Thurso Parish 1 1 £0.15.0
Wick Parish 1 1 £0.15.0
3 3 £2.5.0

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Survey for the Shire of Caithness of the
Additional Wheel Carriage Tax
¾ of a year from 5 July 1789 to 5 April 1790 By Andrew Liddell Surveyor

3 Carriages at £1.0.0 each for ¾ year is £2.5.0

I Andrew Liddell Surveyor do Certify that the above
Duties do amount to Two Pounds Five Shillings And that
upon 31 December I delivered to Mr John Davidson Collector of Cess
for Caithness an exact Duplicate of the foregoing account
which contained my Oath that Notices were left with the Several
Masters & Mistresses of the Dates annexed to their respective Names
who were truely charged to the best of my Belief & Judgement.
Andrew Liddell Surveyor

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