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(Additional Wheel Carriage Tax) for Wigton [shire]
Proof 11 Carriages at 15/- each £8.5.0
2 Carriages at £1.10.0 each £3.0.0

I Anthony Macmillan Surveyor aforesaid do hereby certify That upon careful
[examination] of the Several foregoing rates & duties I find they amount [in whole]
to the sum of Eleven Pounds five Shillings Sterling; and that upon
the Eighteenth day of March Jaivy [one thousand seven hundred ] & ninety years I delivered to
Thomas Adair Writer to the Signet Collr. [Collector] of the said Duties for the
[Shire] aforesaid an exact Duplicate of the foregoing which contained [my]
oath that Reqns.[Requisitons] or notices were left with the Several foregoing
[persons] or at their dwelling places of the dates annexed to their respective
[names] that were to be charged with the sums hereby certified to be due [from them]
Anthony Macmillan

[Addl. Additional
Duties on Wheel Carriages]
[in the ] Shire of Wigton
[from] the 5th of April 1789
[to the] 5th of April 1790
Exd [Examined]

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