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Survey Continued
Additional Wheel Carriage Tax

I John Barclay Surveyor Aforesaid do hereby certify that upon
careful examination of the foregoing Acct. [Account] I find the Rates and [Duties]
Amount to Eight pounds five Shillings, and that upon the [tenth]
of December current I delivered to Roderick McKenzie of Scots burn
Collector of Said Duties for the Shire Aforesaid An exact Duplicate
of the preceding Acct. [Account] duly examined & compared with the foregoing
which contained my Oath that the foregoing Acct. [Account] contained
the Number of Carriages kept or employed by the Several Masters or Mistresses
According to the best of my knowledge or information
John Barclay Assist. [Assistant] Surveyor
Tain 21st Decr. [December] 1789

A Survey of the
Additional Duties
on wheel Carriages
Arisin in the Shire
of Ross for the Year
ending 5th April 1790


Exd. [Examined]
Shire of Ross

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