Proprietor and land Valuation
George Ronaldsone £38.10.0
William Blaikie £18.6.8
John Dalrymple £5.6.8
George Warrebder for Thomas Lourie £64.13.4
William Junkiesone 33lb [pound] & for Catherine Fiddes 18lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] £51.6.8
Robert Hamiltoune £98.10.0
William Vaitch £6.13.4
George Ainslie £33.0.0
James Chirnsyde for William Taitt 5lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] And for George Taitt 5lb [pound] 10s [shilling] inde £11.0.0
Robert Cuthbertsone £5.10.0
John Nisbett £11.0.0
William Turnbull £56.10.0
John Patersone £11.0.0
James Greive £5.16.0
John Russell £40.6.8
Lord Prestoune 566lb [pound] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] Divyded thus
Robert Prestoune of that ilk for utersheill £366.13.4
John Inglis of Auchindennie £200.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Ramsay £483.6.8
Sr [Sir] William Drummond of Hathorndean £222.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Clarkk £1266.13.4
John Johnstoune for ye [the] halfe of Polltoune £200.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Gibsone £1600.0.0
George Lockhart of Carwath for Dryden 133lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] & for his pairt of Rosshire 888lb [pound] 11ss [shilling] inde £1021.17.8
The Laird of Rosshire ye [the] rest £268.2.4
Lord Ross £1557.13.4
Hillend £300.0.0
James Deans for William Purves £733.0.0
Glencorse 490lb [pound] Divyded thus
The Baronie of Glencorss £468.8.0
Sr [Sir] Thomas Young for Easter & Wester Greenlaues & Darmormilne £200.0.0
Robert Thomsone for Thomas Borthwick £80.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Clark for Cruikin £98.0.0
Penniecrook paroch
Sr [Sir] John Clerk of Pennicook £1574.13.4
Sr [Sir] John Gibsone £850.0.0
Newhall £176.0.0
James Oswald of Spitle £300.0.0
Fullertoune £226.6.8
Lord Ross £226.6.8
Motlothian £244.6.8
Bavillaw £244.6.8
Sr [Sir] John Scougalls heirs £64.10.0
Cockpen paroch
Earle of Dalhousie wanting the Sheelds £1801.18.9
The Laird of Cockpen £1000.0.0
John Johnstoune for ye [the] halfe of Polltoune £200.0.0
And for William Ramsays heirs for Hillend £33.6.8
Mr John Hay of Bridges £33.6.8
The Viscomt of Primrose for ye [the] Barronie & Sheelds £2375.0.0
Sr [Sir] John Ramsay of Whythill £455.0.0
The heirs of Mr William Fletcher £389.0.0
Fountainhall £584.0.0
The Viscount of Oxfoord 1680lb [pound] Divided thus
Mr William Maitland £868.0.0
Chesterhall £812.0.0
Sr [Sir] James Dalrymple for Cousland £2364.13.4
Mr Roderick Mckenzie £950.8.0
Caickmure £240.0.0
Chroightoune paroch
The Viscount of Primrose for his Barronie £1373.11.10
Sr [Sir] James Justice for Easter Crightoune 450lb [pound] for Major Waddell 70lb [pound] & for Turniedykes 660 [pound] inde £1180.0.0
Mairtene Muir for a pairt of ye [the] Viscount of Primrose £160.0.0

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