Proprietor and land Valuation
Doctor Archbald £12.13.4
George & Mr Robert Mitchellsones £122.0.0
John Dick £8.6.8
Adam Mitchell for Martine Stevensone 35lb [pound] for Martine Stevensone for a pairt of Cuningham 41lb [pound] 5ss [shilling] for Thomas Cartie 16lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] inde £92.15.0
John Learmond £38.0.0
James Allan wryter in Edgh [Edinburgh] 31lb [pound] 4ss [shilling] 8d [pence] £31.4.8
James Lourie 78lb [pound] 2ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] Divided thus
Thomas Lourie £46.17.8
John & Alisone Lourie £31.5.0
Henry Mcmillan younger for Christian Lourie £8.13.4
James Hodge elder £90.10.0
William Douglass for James Hopkirks heirs 42lb [pound] for Elizabeth Clerk 6lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] & for Capt [Captain] Vachies heirs 21lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] for John Scott 164lb [pound] inde £233.13.4
James Ramsay £24.6.8
Ritchard Allan 93lb [pound] 4ss [shilling] & for James Clark Candlemaker 8lb [pound] inde £101.4.0
William Cleghorns heirs £65.0.0
James Steill 82lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] & for James Steills heirs 66lb [pound] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] £149.0.0
Lauchline McIntosh for James Balfour £11.0.0
James Brounes heirs £6.6.8
William Simpsone 28lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] & for Patrick Clerk 8lb [pound] £36.10.0
James Muirhead for James Baillie Litster £29.0.0
James Baillie Litster for Thomas Watsone £21.0.0
James Johnstoune £14.0.0
James Watsone in Newbotle £7.0.0
John Craig £21.0.0
Patrick Fyffes heirs for Isobel Stevenson £8.5.0
The Kirk Sessione of Dallkeith 8lb [pound] 61ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] for John Dausones heirs 15lb [pound] 16ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] inde £23.13.4
George Cockburne £8.0.0
Willam Blackie in Newbotle £66.3.4
George Robertsones heirs £13.6.8
Alexander Eder [Elder] £78.6.8
Thomas Inglis wryter in Edgh [Edinburgh] £23.0.0
James Allan elder £35.6.8
William Currie £19.6.8
James Elder £23.13.4
William Hoges heirs £62.0.0
Alexander Dallziell for Calderwood 75lb [pound] 9ss [shilling] for George Urquhart 21lb [pound] & for Francis Scotts heirs 27lb [pound] 10s [shilling] inde £123.19.0
James Mcmillan elder £24.8.0
William Gibb for Archbald Livingstoune £13.4.0
Henry Mcmillans heirs £6.12.0
David Friar £6.6.8
Patrick Turnbull for Walter Scott in Dean £18.13.4
Baillie Hog 8lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] for Catherine Dick 23lb [pound] 13ss [shilling] 4d [pennies] inde £32.0.0
William Reid £6.6.8
Andrew Kemp for ye [the] halfe of James Grieve £8.4.6
James Johnstoune in Midletoune £27.13.4
William Vaitch £78.6.8
James Lourie for Thomas Lourie younger £19.6.8
Mr John Calderwood £15.3.4
John Walker for James Bridges Litster £16.9.0
James Wilsone Vintnar £14.16.0
James Grieve Clothier £6.6.0
James Burn £4.18.0
William Gillchrist for Archbald Simpsone £4.18.0
Jean Douglass £34.0.0
Neatoune paroch
Lord Edmonstoune 1500lb [pound] for Sr [Sir] William Sharp 513lb [pound] And for his pairt of ye [the] superioritie 274lb [pound] 16ss [shilling] 3d [pennies] inde £2284.16.3
Charles Murray of Hadden 700lb [pound] & for his pairt of the superioritie 94lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] 5d [pennies] inde £794.10.5
Shireffhall £586.0.0
Woollmett 1077 [pound] & for his pairt of ye [the] superioritie 145lb [pound] 8ss [shilling] 6d [pennies] £1222.8.6
The Marques of Lothian 3830lb [pound] & for ye [the] halfe of Robert Hamiltounes 98lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] £3928.10.0
Sr [Sir] Thomas Moncrieff for Sr [Sir] Mark Carss £1000.0.0
James Ellies of Southsyde £459.0.0
Stonieflett £100.0.0
Sr [Sir] Robert Dundass of Arniestoune £443.0.0
And for Lillias Stewart £54.14.0
William Meggat of Mestertoune 274lb [pound] 10ss [shilling] Divyded thus
The Lady £74.10.0
Robert Rochead 82lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] & for his Lands of Mastertoune 200lb [pound] inde £282.6.8
Alexander Gray for Andrew Brysones heirs £88.0.0
James Miller for Marion Hurrie £26.0.0
William Trent £30.6.8
James Walsone for John Watsones 33lb [pound] for Agnes Kerr 5lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] And for William Broune 48lb [pound] 6ss [shilling] 8d [pennies] inde £86.13.4

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