Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
New Monkland [continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £1201.0.0
Robert Carrick Middle Blairlinn £75.0.0
Robert Wotherspoon Clayslapp £14.0.0
James Cleland Half of Easter Blairlinn and part of Muirhead £49.0.0
James Cleland Cauldhome £6.0.0
John Martin A quarter of Easter Blairlinn £16.0.0
John Martin Part of Coathill £20.0.0
John Shaw One fourth part of Easter Blairlinn £22.0.0
Robert Muirhead Part of Coathill £16.0.0
John Shaw Part of Muirhead being part of Easter Blarlinn £16.10.0
John Shaw Easter Stylee being part of Easter Blairlinn £11.0.0
John Shaw Wester Sylee part of Easter Blairlinn £11.0.0
William Paul Senior Windrigg part of Middle Blairlinn £12.0.0
John Shaw Blackbog part of Middle Blairlinn £36.0.0
William Jeffrey Crosshouse part of Middle Blairlinn £9.0.0
David Wilson Pishing Sykes being part of Middle Blarlinn £5.10.0
William Hutchison Cullochridge £30.0.0
Robert Auld Shank £20.0.0
Gavin Dykehead His Lands £100.0.0
Glenhove £210.0.0
Ruchsoils and Cromlet £286.0.0
Bradenhill £190.0.0
Glentores £475.0.0
Rydans and Gartmillans £530.0.0
Kyppbyres £250.0.0
Kypps £80.0.0
Miss Aitchison Her property Lands £65.16.4
Gavin Black Rawyeards £45.0.0
Carried forward £3801.16.4
New Monkland [continued]
Brought forward £3801.16.4
Ann Roberton, Andrew Broun, and Andrew Stirling Esq Hallcraig £40.0.0
Patrick Rankine, William Forsyth, and Thomas Chapman Mavisbank £39.0.0
Ann Roberton James Black William Forsyth and Robert Wotherspoon Eastertoun Mailling of Airdrie £42.0.0
Robert Wotherspoon Hollhills £20.0.0
Andrew Stirling Esq Drumbathie £30.10.0
Toun of Airdrie including Toun Acres £57.13.8
Andrew Buchannan Longridge £100.0.0
Lord Esgrove Middle Arbuckle £94.0.0
Lord Esgrove Easter Arbuckle £60.0.0
James Waddle Stand Ridge £80.0.0
John Thomson West Arbuckle £68.0.0
Eastfeild £60.0.0
Lochend £50.0.0
Mr Campbell of Clathie Rigg of Duimgray £39.14.3 1/5
John Spiers Riggend £39.14.3 1/5
William Young Little Drumgray £39.14.3 1/5
Patrick Rankine Mickle Drumgray £39.14.3 1/5
The Representatives of Andrew Thomson Hill of Duimgray £39.14.3 1/5
Blacklands £30.6.4
Palace £24.12.8
Hag Muir £53.6.8
Ruch Silloch & Gartlee £256.0.0
College Teinds Morttd [mortised] £166.13.4
Christian Hay Inchnoch & Gair £111.2.2 2/3
Rebecca Hay Her Lands there £111.2.2 2/3
John steel His Lands there £111.2.2 2/3
James & Gavin Hamilton Brounieside £88.2.8
Loadmanfoord £35.17.6
Carried forward £5729.17.2

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