Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Mr Lockhart of Carnwath His Lands £975.6.8
John Thomson Cormiston Mains £66.0.0
Mr Forrester Cormiston tounhead £212.0.0
John Alston Brounhill £50.0.0
John Chancellor Shielhill £281.16.0
Half of Netherton of Quothglian and Remainder of Shielhill £118.4.0
His ten Oxgate £75.0.0
His Lands of Cormiston tain £55.0.0
His Lands of John Kellar £27.10.0
Spittle Kirklands £11.0.0
His Lands of William Aitken £55.0.0
Mrs Muirhead of Parsylands White Castle £122.0.0
The heirs of John Thomson of Cormiston mains Beatlaws £53.0.0
Nisbett Gladston £188.12.0
Birely Holl £30.0.0
Miln ridge £30.0.0
Ogs Castle £35.0.0
Greenshiells £60.0.0
Arthur Shiells £56.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £2501.8.8
New Monkland
James Marshall Annathill £130.0.0
William McLean Senior Half of South Medrox £65.0.0
William McLean Junr [Junior] Half of South Medrox £65.0.0
Holland glen £20.0.0
John McLean Part of North Medrox £32.10.0
William McLean Part of North Medrox £32.10.0
West Craigend £30.4.0
John Smillie Muirend or East Medrox £65.0.0
Easter Craigend £16.12.0
John Reid Part of Newfauldhead £13.0.0
John Jack Part of Newfauldhead £13.0.0
Robert Gillfillan Wester Myvet £47.10.0
John Millar North Myvet £60.0.0
South Myvet £45.10.0
Bryce Gartcoulter and part of Blackhill £52.10.0
Robert Boyd Part of Blackhill £16.2.0
Alexander Gail Tarbrax £10.0.0
Thomas Russel Wardhead £60.0.0
Peter Lang Hallbrae £37.2.0
Alexander Gartshore Maryburgh £20.0.0
James Carmichael Part of Garngibbock £26.0.0
James Drew Easter Half of Garngibbock and Hillhead and Mossywood £58.0.0
John Motherwell Part of Madgiscroft and Loanfoot £35.10.0
William Paul Senior Craigside £11.0.0
William McLean Junr [Junior] Part of Craigsied called the Heathriefaule £15.0.0
William Wilson Milncroft and part of Loanhead £48.0.0
Part of wester Blarlinn £55.0.0
William Shaw Belston part of Milncroft £26.0.0
William Hamilton of Wishaw Part of wester Blairlinn & Bent & Badenheath park south of Luggue £55.0.0
Carried forward £1201.0.0

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