Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. [Brought] forward £3058.15.2
Hope Weir Govehill £14.17.5
Hope Weir Ruchans £5.15.1
Hope Weir Townhead £40.8.9
Hope Weir Woodhead £51.19.9
Hope Weir Midtown and Yonderhouse £48.16.6
Hope Weir Blackwoodmiln Lochinbank and Nether Birkwood £82.17.10
Hope Weir Parks of Blackwood £101.8.4
Hope Weir Auchrobert £66.1.2
Hope Weir Auchinheath £130.0.0
Hope Weir Rogerhill £50.0.0
William Tod Surgeon in Lanark Birkwood £30.0.0
Mary Weir Remaining parts of Birkwood £50.0.0
Daniel Vere Esq Stonebyres (£691.6.11 in F.1763) £721.19.6
Clerkston £20.0.0
David Dale Esq Linmiln and Linfields £29.0.6
David Steel West Taith £66.10.0
James Millar Greenside (Cr.Chr. Resign fe James Sword 30 Dec 1816) £20.0.0
John Young Moatyett £13.10.0
William Lamb Leelaw £49.0.0
John Gilkerson Brae £20.0.0
John Steven Neuck £19.10.0
William Fullerton Esq Birkhill £31.5.0
William Fullerton Esq Bourtrees and Grasshill £40.0.0
William Fullerton Esq Part of Haucksland £20.2.6
William Fullerton Esq Part of Mossminion and Hawksland £20.2.6
William Fullerton Esq Pampherlaw and Braionriggpark £20.2.6
William Fullerton Esq Part of Gooseland house £5.10.0
Alexander Lawrie His part of Haucksland £20.2.6
John Barr Moatt £45.0.0
Carried forward £5012.15.0
Brot [Brought] forward £5012.15.0
Archibald Haddow Auchmeddan 324.0.0
Thomas Brown Croft Land of Kilnhills £5.10.0
Thomas Brown Stony dyke park 35.10.0
William Watson Rosshill £14.0.0
John Wilson Coultershoggle £96.0.0
The Revd. Thomas Linnin Dumbrexhill (also in F.2421) £38.10.0
Thomas Dun Underdillars £50.0.0
William Steel Auchunn £50.0.0
Alexander Burton Darfillan £16.0.0
William Brocket and James Haddow Netherfauldhouse £20.0.0
William Lockhart Fauldhouse and Lintfield £56.5.0
James Greenshields and Son Westoun of Poniel £87.10.0
Gavin Hamilton Tounfoot of Auldtown £47.10.0
Gavin Hamilton Two fifths of the Lands of Causewayfoot £14.0.0
William Hamilton Townhead of Auldtown £47.10.0
Daniel Barr Dickland £5.0.0
Mr Thomas Linnin Peasehill £7.0.0
George Brown Bearholm and funds £7.0.0
James Greenshields Hill and Boig £52.0.0
Miss Edmondstones Byretoun £57.13.1
Miss Edmondstones Brae £20.15.4
Miss Edmondstones Boathill £18.15.3
Miss Edmondstones Greenhead £50.12.0
Miss Edmondstones Thiefsfoord £14.3.1
Miss Edmondstones Windiehills £15.16.10
Miss Edmondstones Overhall £73.2.7
Miss Edmondstones Miln of Corehouse £38.2.9
Miss Edmondstones Langside and Drummonds £22.8.2
Miss Edmondstones Burn £11.15.11
Miss Edmondstones Wellshiells £18.9.7
Miss Edmondstones Darnhill £9.8.9
Carried forward £6015.3.4

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Lesmahgow [left header]
Lesmahagow [right header]

717 [right margin page 64]
F.2091 [right margin page 64 at "Auchinheath"
717 [right margin page 64]
F.2059 [right margin page 64 at "Clerkston"]
F.2331 [right margin page 64 at "Linmiln and Linfields"]
F.2421 [right margin page 64 at "West Taith"]
F.717 [right margin page 64]
F.2058 [right margin page 64 at "Neuck"]
F.1139 [at " Hawksland"]
F.1139 [at His part of Hawksland"]

F.717 [page 65 right margin]
F.1139 [page 65 right margin at "Dumbrexhill"]
F.2059 [page 65 right margin at "Underdillars"]
F.2421 [page 65 right margin at "Auchunn"]
F.717 [page 65 right margin]
F.2421 [page 65 right margin at "Tounfoot of Auldtown"]
F.717 [page 65 right margin]

Transcriber's notes

This image contains pages 64 and 65, both Lesmahagow.
All valuations are in Pounds Scots not Sterling.
The Lands "Govehill" to "Rogerhill" are bracketed to show Proprietor as "Hope Weir" for all these Lands, the actual name is opposite "Blackwoodmiln".
No Proprietor is listed for "Clerkston".
The Lands "Birkhill" to "Part of Gooseland house" are bracketed to show Proprietor as "William Fullerton".
The lands "Byretoun" to "Darnhill" are bracketed to show Proprietor as "Miss Edmonstones".

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