Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. [Brought] forward £4173.7.6
Jerviswood His Kirklands £33.10.0
John Roy His Lands £8.10.0
William Newbigging His Lands £4.5.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4219.12.6
The Duke of Hamilton His Lands (£2228.4.0 in F.1139) £2341.0.0
Hope Weir Blackwoodmains £44.17.3
Hope Weir Burhouses £7.6.8
Hope Weir Bent £5.10.8
Hope Weir Blackhouse and Burnhouses £26.11.3
Hope Weir Blackwoodside £19.16.6
Hope Weir Blackwoodyeat £30.3.10
Hope Weir Blackwoodyeards possessed by James Hamilton £51.1.8
Hope Weir Blackwoodyeards by William Govan and William Wilson £22.11.9
Hope Weir Blackwoodyeards by Catharine Donald £35.6.8
Hope Weir Blackenrigg Easter £20.10.2
Hope Weir Blackenrigg South £20.10.2
Hope Weir Blackenrigg Wester £24.14.5
Hope Weir Burn and Bent £17.11.5
Hope Weir Brown Castle £17.18.11
Hope Weir Clerkings £19.9.5
Hope Weir Chapel and Govehill £13.7.4
Hope Weir Dead Waters £32.5.2
Hope Weir Dormiston £8.10.1
Hope Weir Dykehead possessed by Thomas Peat £55.0.9
Hope Weir Dykehead by Rachael Peat £3.19.6
Hope Weir Dykehead by John McVey £4.1.6
Hope Weir Dykehead by John Tulop £5.5.1
Hope Weir Kellielys £47.4.3
Hope Weir Kirkmuirhill £35.0.8
Hope Weir Over Kypeside £23.10.4
Hope Weir Nether Kypeside £35.4.10
Hope Weir Midtown £19.14.10
Hope Weir Blackwoodmuir £16.7.2
Hope Weir Nungriehill £23.4.10
Hope Weir Lairs and Redwood £16.16.9
Hope Weir Riddlesyeatt £5.18.1
Hope Weir Ridden house £8.3.3
Carried forward £3058.15.2

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Lanark [left header]

Lesmahagow [right header]

717 [in right margin of page 63, bracketed with all of Hope Weir valuations.
All valuations are given in Pounds Scots not Sterling]

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This image includes page 62 Lanark and page 63 Lesmahagow entries

On page 63 all the lands except the first are bracketed together for the same proprietor "Hope Weir", the actual name is opposite "Chapel and Govehill".

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