Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Sir James Carmichael His Lands £103.6.8
James Howison His Lands £116.5.0
William Lithgow His Lands £51.13.4
James Bell His Lands £38.15.0
Bonnington £425.0.0
Cartland £180.19.11
Mr. Lockhart of Lee Overmains £67.14.0
Fintockland £28.14.2
His other Lands £686.16.3
Mrs. Porterfield of Fullwood Her Lands in Cartland £180.19.4
Her other Lands £226.15.9
Cleghorn £530.0.0
Mains of Braxfeild £42.0.0
Lord Braxfeild Bankhead £23.14.10
Burgh of Lanark Cresslaw and part of Bankhead £56.5.2
Coblehaugh £60.0.0
Jerviswood £280.0.0
Chapple and Threepholm £10.0.0
Archibald Gardner His Lands £82.13.4
Robert Lockhart Nemphlar £41.6.8
David Dale Esqr. His Lands in Nemphlar £54.14.5
David Gardner His Lands there £5.4.2
James McMorran His Lands there £2.12.1
William Lockhart His Lands there £29.17.0⁴⁄₁₂
John Lockhart His Lands there £22.7.9⁴⁄₁₂
David Dale Esqr. His Lands there £14.18.6⁴⁄₁₂
David Jack His Lands £68.4.0
James Lockheart His Lands £41.6.8
John Thomson His Lands £33.11.8
David Dale Esqr. His Lands in Nemphlar £16.15.10
David Gardner Younger His Lands there £16.15.10
Thomas Lockhart Mousemiln £20.13.4
Earl of Hyndford His Lands £66.13.4
Samuel Chapman Holmhead £69.8.0
Walter and Joseph Thomsons Birkhill part of Holmhead £30.18.0
James Martin Holmfoot £37.0.10
Carried forward £3764.1.6
Brot. [Brought] forward £3764.1.6
Mr Hunter His Lands £100.12.6
Fractions of Braxfeild
John Prentice and William Stevenson Their Lands 320.17.6
James Alstone Dyester His Lands £16.1.8
John Brown His Lands £4.0.0
James Nimmo His Lands £8.1.10
The Burgh of Lanark Their Lands £53.8.0
Alexander Blair His Lands £9.7.4
Mr. James Gray Minister His Lands £6.16.2
William Wilson of Soonhopes heirs Their Lands £5.2.2
James Cunningham His Lands £8.10.0
John Carmichael Taylor His Lands £4.9.4
John Beg His Lands £3.16.8
John Somerville Part of Wampherflatt £25.1.10
Baillie William Tod His part of Wampherflatt £24.1.10
Robert Newbigging His part of Wampherflatt £14.13.7
William Aitkin His part of of Wampherflatt £2.0.9
George Sommerville His Lands £18.8.0
Archibald and James Hynchelwoods heirs Their Lands £4.12.0
Baillie Gardner His LAnds £4.9.0
Thomas Weir His Lands £2.4.2
John Gardner His Lands £1.2.2
Alexander Wilson His Lands £1.2.2
Baillie Weir and Thomas Gray Their Lands £7.1.6
David Semple His Lands £7.5.8
Richrd Johnson His Lands £4.17.2
John Inglis His Lands £7.5.0
Mr Mungo Galloway His Lands £29.0.0
The Kirk Session of Lanark Their Lands £5.7.8
Patrick Whyte His Lands £4.8.0
Carried forward £4173.7.6

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