Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
His Lands £254.13.4
The Duke of Hamilton Hairmyres £76.18 5 9/12
Peilpark £64.11.6 3/12
Lickprivick £208.4.3 5/12
Shields £219.15.8 7/12
of Calderwood His Five pound Land £252.0.0
Alexander Stewart Esq Five Pound Land of Torrance and Mains thereof £435.8.3
Four pound Land of Murray and Headhouse £203.5.4
The Lands of Common £25.12.0
The Five Merk Land of Mains of Kilbryde £225.1.1
Newhouse £37.0.0
New Land £144.0.0
John Hamilton Rogerton £31.13.4
James & William Coats Their Lands £82.0.0
John Jackson Highflatt £31.0.0
John Wilson His Lands £33.0.0
William Baird Easter Nerston £49.0.0
Mathew Young His Lands £24.10.0
Robert Cook Nerstonmiln and Land £53.4.0
William Luke His Lands £54.13.4
of Dalserf His Feu duties £19.18.9 10/12
John Fleeming Neuck Wester Nerston £62.13.4
Andrew McNasth His Lands £19.10.0
Dalserfs Feued Lands £92.13.4
Dalserfs His Feu duties £12.1.2 2/12
Mrs Peter Corsbasket £137.6.8
Busbie £206.13.4
The Earl of Eglinton His Lands in Calderwood £674.0.0
Thomas Borland His Lands £39.0.0
John Hunter His Lands there £39.0.0
William Craig His Lands there £60.13.4
James Coatts His Lands there £10.3.0
Buchan Dyke £10.3.0
Carried forward £3889.6.8

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There are crosses against the entries from William Baird to the last Dalserfs which are referred to on the previous page (54a).

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