Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kilbryde [continued]
Brought forward £3889.6.8
Mauchline Holl £74.0.0
Broun Castle £128.13.4
of Blackwood His Lands £26.13.4
William Allison and Cathcart Their Lands £21.0.8
Mr John Hamilton Part of Earnoch £10.6.8
Mr Mathew Connel His Lands there £4.0.0
Alexander Smith His Lands there £66.0.0
Flaikfeild and Carnduff £292.6.8
William Parkin Laird faud £95.13.4
William Young His Lands there £48.13.4
Aikenfyn £41.0.0
John Boyes Burnhouse and Currough fauls part of the Lands of Auldhouse £88.6.4
Alexander Wardross Old House £32.15.0
Elizabeth Strang Her Lands there £16.4.6
William Strang His Lands there £38.0.0
John Fleeming His Lands there £5.0.0
John Craig Corshill £48.13.4
James Strang West End £25.13.4
Arthur Gilmour His Lands £32.10.0
William Paterson Huntly ridge £24.13.4
Cockronon Miln £9.6.8
Miln House £110.0.0
John Pollock Part of Lockhead Shiels and Westhouse £24.0.0
Robert Hamilton His Lands there £24.0.0
James Burns His Lands there £12.0.0
Thomas Burns His Lands there £12.0.0
Captain Patrick Stewart Bossfeild £26.0.0
John Wardrop Part of Bossfeild £35.8.0
John Wardrop Part of Bossfeild £38.0.5
John Wardrop Brousterland £9.16.7 6/12
Carried forward £5414.8.2.6/12
Kilbryde [continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £5414.8.2 6/12
John Wardrop Three Acres and a half formerly part of the Land of Murray and Headhiuse £4.0.11 6/12
James Nielson Bossfeild and Overshiells £100.0.0
William Graham Satyreholm £32.0.0
William Graham Lymekilns £31.0.0
Duncanridge £25.0.0
John Shaw Atterton Kerse £28.0.0
Gilbertfeild £24.13.5
Five pound Land of West End £51.6.8
Lands of Boigtoun £32.0.0
Lands of Braehead £9.0.0
James Dyks Jackton £24.13.4
Thomas Craig His Lands there £24.6.8
David Lindsay His Lands there £27.13.4
John Jouls His Lands there £38.10.0
Robert Lindsay His Lands there £44.0.0
John Jamison Boigtoun £50.0.0
James Clerk His Lands there 6.15.0
William Cadzow His Feu £5.0.0
John Smith Braehead £8.0.0
Thornton / Rosse's / £70.0.0
Thornton / Cathkines / £74.0.0
Milntoun and Airatts Hollmord [?] £174.0.0
William Reid Kittech Syde £80.0.0
John Reid His Lands there £67.6.8
James Aitkenhead His Lands there £24.0.0
Archibald Warnock Beleraig £12.0.0
William Graham His Lands £79.13.4
Claud Warnoch His Lands there £6.0.0
of Caldwell His Feu there £12.16.0
John Hall Dykehead £31.0.0
Carried froward £6629.5.3

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