Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £8711.3.7
James Jack His Houses there £3.16.0
Alexander Edgar His Houses there £2.8.2
Alexander Edgar An Acre of Land in Haugh £4.5.3
Jame sMack His House in New or School wynd £7.18.9
Alexander Wilson Houses at foot of School wynd £16.9.4
Andrew Bell Houses opposite to Flesh Market £14.16.8
Thomas Brounlee Houses in Muirwynd £21.6.6
John Millar Wright His Houses there £8.17.4
Thomas Robertson His Houses there £7.14.6
Holm Acre £3.16.0
Robert McGhie His House in Muirwynd £1.1.8
Basil Golder His Houses there £10.16.10
David Hendrie His Houses there £2.7.0
John Archer His House there £7.11.11
Effies croft £10.12.9
George Haldane His Houses formerJanet Borlands £5.14.2
John Campbell An Acre of Land formerly Janet Borlands £3.10.6
Janet Baird Her House in Muirwynd £3.0.10
Baillie Paterson His House there £1.1.2
James Nasmith Shoemaker His Houses there £5.12.1
Robert Cooper His Houses there £2.4.8
John Burns Taylor His thre and an Acre of Land £7.16.7
John Clerks heirs liferented by Mrs Cunison Their Houses there and Land in Haugh £47.18.7
James Cunnison His Houses and Land in Haugh £11.1.3
Captain Crawford heirs Their Houses in Muirwynd £16.13.4
Charles Weirs heirs Their Houses there and Lands in Haugh £31.10.1
James Granger His House in Muirwynd £5.17.6
Carried forward £8977.3.0
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £8977.3.0
William Alexander His House there £5.3.10
Robert Stuart His House in Nethertonwynd £6.1.8
John Youngs heirs Their Houses there £10.16.8
William Murray His Houses there £5.3.0
Agnes Brown Her Houses there £0.15.10
Robert Reid His Houses there £10.0.1
James Young His Houses there £10.13.8
Alexander Smillie His Houses there £7.16.0
Adam McHutchison His House £7.2.6
Archibald Spottiswood Two Acres in Haugh £7.19.6
James Paterson His Houses near Tolbooth £14.4.3
James Syme His Houses £19.15.0
Cuninghars heirs Their House £7.18.8
James Cunison His House called Towns Tenement and Land in Haugh £21.3.2
William Burns His Houses in Hightoun £21.11.8
James Govan His Houses in Hightoun and Land in Haugh £30.19.10
Alexander King His House in Eastgatend £5.6.4
John PAtons heirs An acre of Land £4.10.6
James Corbett An Acre of Land £4.1.7
Thomas Smiths heirs An Acre of Land £4.1.8
Gavin Torrance An Acre of Land £3.17.3
Robert Pender An Acre of Land £3.10.0
John Pender Two Acres of Land £8.15.8
George Clerk An Acre of Land £4.4.9
Basil Golder An Acre of Land £4.4.10
Andrew Cooper An Acre of Land £3.12.3
John Brownlee Smith An Acre of Land £4.2.10
Archibald Hamilton Two Acres of Land £7.0.6
John Hamilton Taylor An Acre of Land £4.6.0
John Corbett in Merryton An Acre of Land £4.2.10
John Sommerville An Acre of Land £3.16.11
Elizabeth Roberton Houses & Land in Netherton £5.0.0
Carried forward £9239.2.3

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