Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £8177.17.4
Charles Hamilton Esq of Fairholm Houses in Castlewynd Fewed to Andrew Dodds £2.14.10
Houses in Castlewynd Fewed to Thomas Hart £3.13.6
John Nasmith An Acre in Haugh £3.10.3
Mr William Aitkman Houses in Castlewynd £16.9.4
James Dean Houses in Castlewynd £3.14.0
Alexander Syme House in Castlewynd £5.15.5
Robert Mack His Land there £1.18.10
Archibald Allan His Land at Quarry £1.13.5
William Brounlie Smith Houses in Castlewynd £3.7.11
Thomas Baillie Weavers heirs House there £2.6.4
John Stirling House there £2.7.7
Robert Stirlings heirs House there £1.18.10
Alexander Smellie Weaver Houses and Land there £8.19.11
John Muir Houses there £2.14.10
John Smillie Houses there £1.19.8
William Reids heirs Houses there £1.19.8
William Forrest An Acre of Land in Haugh £3.7.8
John Golder Houses and Land there £10.1.6
Houses in Castelwynd £6.1.8
Bailie John Nasmith His Lands £32.10.6
John Scotts heirs Balgreen £8.14.10
David Granger His Lands £11.15.0
John Millar His Lands besides these bought from Mr Dunning £24.18.2
Mrs Borlands Houses in Castlewynd and Lands of Woodside £86.3.9
Gavin Lang holding of Mrs Borland Houses and Land called Soyer Acre £16.5.8
John Reid Houses there £3.9.4
Society of Maltmen Houses there £4.6.8
James Mather Houses there £4.14.4
William Stirlings heirs House and Land in Gateside £6.0.1
Alexander Stirlings heirs House and Land there £1.19.2
Carried forward £8463.10.0
Hamilton [continued]
Brought forward £8463.16.0
Thomas Nasmith House in Castlewynd £12.10.10
James Burns Mason House in Castlewynd £11.12.0
Thomas Alstone House in Castlewynd £8.13.1
Mr William Wilson Minister Houses in Muirwynd and Land at Gateside Haugh, Quarrie, and Tuphall £43.8.8
Mrs Paterson House in Castlewynd £2.0.6
James Corbetts heirs Houses in Castlewynd and Land in Haugh £26.14.2
James Mackie's heirs House in Castlewynd and an acre of Land in Haugh £12.18.1
Robert Lamb House in Castlewynd and an Acre of Land in Haugh £5.18.5
James Hamilton Merchants heirs Houses and Land there £9.17.6
Mrs Hamilton Houses there £7.9.6
The Heirs of Hamilton of Castlehill Their Lands £12.12.4
Daniel Murray Houses in Castlewynd £2.1.5
James Purdie Houses there £3.4.11
Alexander Smith His Houses there £11.18.11
Margaret Mack Her Houses there £2.19.0
Thomas Mackie His Houses there and Lands in Haugh £11.4.3
John Nasmith Shoemaker His Houses there £13.9.8
John Hamilton His Houses there £7.17.0
Richard Park His Houses there £7.12.0
Robert Mather His Houses there £5.11.6
James Stewart His House in New or Schoolwynd £5.14.0
John Hutton His Houses there £15.1.6
William Laurie His Houses on North side of New or Schoolwynd £7.4.4
Carried forward £8711.3.7

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