Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Govan [continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £3522.12.11
Margaret Norris and Walter Graham her husband Their Lands there £16.7.7
Steven Rowand of Holmfauldhead His Lands there £15.19.5
Trustees of Abraham Hills Mortification Their Lands there £13.10.3
John Cunning Esq of Fairfeild His Lands there £11.19.7
Trustees of John Belsh Their Lands there £7.13.7
Stephen Rowand His proportion of the Lands of Holmfauldhead £68.17.10
Charles Haggart of Broomloan His proportion thereof £5.9.9
James Ritchie Esq His proportion thereof £2.9.7
John Wilson Marylands £62.4.0
Alexander Forrester Marylands £49.1.8
Thomas King Marylands £11.1.2
James McGhie Berneknows £33.17.6
John Buchannan His Lands there £58.12.0
Margaret Ogloch Her Lands £29.11.10
John Rouen Teucherhill £58.4.2
Stephen Rowan East End £98.14.10
William Rowan Middleton £23.17.0
William Rowan One fifth of Heathryhall £15.7.10
William Rowan Another part of Heathryhall £36.18.9 3/5
Dorothy Rowan and William Gray her husband Remaining part of Heathryhall £24.12.6 2/5
James Rowan Over Newton £68.15.0
John Hill Cloybraes £35.18.10
Thomas Jamieson and Robert Man Their Lands £17.19.6
Thomas Rowan Mason His Lands £20.6.4
John Pikens Ibrix £92.12.2
Sir John Maxwell His Lands in Ibrox £62.14.0
James Anderson Maltman His Lands £14.17.0
James Maxwell Ibrox £10.17.0
Robert Scott [a later note] Rumbreck £73.10.0
Robert Rowan Broomloan £58.15.10
Margaret Kennoch Her Lands £10.18.10
Carried forward £4634.8.4

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Drumbreck could be Dumbreck (on today's maps) but I read it as Drumbreck

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