Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Glasford [continued]
Brot [Brought] forward £2117.2.5 532/581
David Crawford His part of Shawtonhall £46.6.0
John Curs His part thereof £18.19.0
William Fram His part thereof £18.19.0
Alexander Allan His part thereof £22.6.0
William Hamilton His part thereof £22.6.0
James Lawson His part thereof £44.12.0
James Tenant Part of Nethershiells £64.11.6
Gavin Patterson His Lands there £31.0.0
William Semple His Lands there and his part of Chappleton £66.9.4
John Marshall Tounhead His part of Chappleton £98.8.10
John Semple Whitecraig His part of Chappleton £9.9.0
John Semple Smiddieloans His part of Chappleton £9.9.0
John Cur His part of Chappleton £6.18.6
William Fram His part of Chappleton £6.18.6
Total Valuation of this Parish £2653.3.5 532/581
Gorbals of Glasgow £100.0.0
Mr Rae His part of Little Govan £309.7.6
John Allan His Lands there £137.10.0
John Anderson His Lands there £103.2.6
Morttd. [mortified] Land of Gorballs £1000.0.0
Alexander Oswald His part of Westshiells £185.8.4
James McCaul His part thereof £47.18.4
The Heirs of George and Allan Glen Their part thereof £47.18.4
The Heirs of John Carnieth Their part thereof £9.7.6
The Heirs of A. McKenzie Their part thereof £9.7.6
John Hutchison and Ga. [Gordon ?] Rowan Dumfeild £75.0.0
Mr Lees His Lands there £225.0.0
John Shiells Partick £85.0.0
John Purdon Wright His Lands £39.1.4
Andrew Scott Dowan £57.16.8
John Purdon Strangie £15.12.6
Richard & Alexander Oswalds An Eight Shilling and nine penny Land of Balshagray £28.2.9
Thomas Dumoor Twelve Shilling and six penny Land of Balgray £23.18.11
Richard & Alexander Oswald Balsha gray £248.6.7
Thomas Dunmoor His Twenty five Shilling land of Balgray £16.19.1
Mr Bogle Whyt Inch £116.7.0
Com. [Commissioner or Commander] Crawford His two Orchyeard £73.8.0
Andrew Gibson Hillhead £21.1.10
Baillie George Buchannan His Lands £46.17.0
Kelvin Haugh £22.0.0
Provost Gibson His Lands £31.5.0
John Sproul Balgray and Kirnavell £168.15.0
John Rowan Greenhead Meikle Govan £132.16.4
Robert Wallace Surgeon His Lands in Meikle Govan £84.15.4
Thomas Hamilton Surgeon His Lands in Mekle Govan £31.2.8
Walter Scott His Lands £12.19.4
John Hamilton of Rogerton His Lands in Greenside £16.7.7
Carried forward £3522.12.11

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Duke of Hamilton Supr. [Superiority] [against all the Glasford entries]

Transcriber's notes

Notes in green ink not transcribed.

Ga. has been transcribed as Gordon for want of a better alternative
Com has been transcribed as either Commander or Commissioner as the context does not make it clear
Morttd. has been transcribed as mortified as this seems the most likely term although it does not have 2 ts.

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