Proprietor and land Valuation
The Laird mcLeod ane thowsand tuo hundreth & fyftie pounds £1250.0.0
Norman mcLeod four hundreth pounds £400.0.0
Summa £1650.0.0
Killmoor in Skye
The Laird mcLeod ane thowsand seven hundreth pounds £1700.0.0
Donald mcLeod of Arnfort four hundreth pounds £400.0.0
William mcLeod three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
Summa £2400.0.0
Dynert & Breakadeill
The Laird mcLeod ane thowsand tuo hundreth & fyftie pounds £1250.0.0
Rodrick mcLeod his Uncle ane thowsand pounds £1000.0.0
Summa £2250.0.0
Sr [Sir] James mcDonald of Slaitt knight ane thowsand four hundreth and eightie pounds £1480.0.0
Keneth mcquein ane hundreth & threescore pounds £160.0.0
Neill mcNeill of Borrireck ane hundreth & three score pounds £160.0.0
Summa £1800.0.0
Killchuimen in glenelg
The Laird mcLeod & his mother ane thowsand fyve hundreth pounds £1500.0.0
The Lady mcLeod elder for her rent in glenelg and Bragadeill Sex hundreth & fyftie pounds £650.0.0
Summa £2150.0.0
Killmoore in troterniss
Sr [Sir] James mcdonald of Slaitt knight ane thowsand three hundreth & fourtie pounds £1340.0.0
donald mcdonald of Arnsmore ane hundreth pounds £100.0.0
Archibald mcDonald tuo hundreth pounds £200.0.0
Murdow mcquein threescore pounds £60.0.0
Summa £1700.0.0
Sr [Sir] James mcdonald of Slaitt knight seven hundreth pounds £700.0.0
Hugh mcdonald three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
The Laird of Rasay Sex hundreth & fyftie pounds £650.0.0
More in vice of McCowll of Morrar tuo hundreth threscore sex pounds thretin shillings four pennyes £266.13.4
McCowll of Morrar fyve hundreth pounds £500.0.0
Summa £2416.13.4
Sr [Sir] James mcdonell of Slaitt knight ane thowsand pounds £1000.0.0
More of rent formerly valued upon the Lady mcdonell three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
Donald mcDonald tuo hundreth threttie thre pound sex shillings eight pennyes £233.6.8
The Lady mcdonald elder sex hundreth sextine pound thretine shillings £616.13.4
Summa £2150.0.0
Killichoan in Knodart
The Lord mcdonald ane thowsand pounds £1000.0.0
Suma [Summa] patet
The Captaine of Clanranald ane thowsand ane hundreth pounds £1100.0.0
Sr [Sir] James mcdonald of Slaitt knight for the Lands of moydart & arrasak in vice of the Captn [Captain] of Clanranald ane thowsand & tuo hundreth pounds £1200.0.0
Summa £2300.0.0
The Lord Lowat in the paroch of Urray three hundreth & tuentie pounds £320.0.0
The Bishope of Murray his rent within the shirefdome of Innernes peyeable by the feuars in the sd [said] shyre ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
The Bishope of the Isles and argyll ther rent within the Shirefdome of Innernes peyeable be [Syr] James mcdonald & the Laird of McLeod is tuo hundreth pounds £200.0.0
Suma [Summa] totalis Seventie three thowsand ane hundreth and eightie eight pounds Nyne shillings £73188.9.0

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In Slaitt, the lady McDonald elder's value has had 4 pennies added in the figure column, but not written out.

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