Proprietor and land Valuation
The Marques of Huntly ane thowsand tuo hundreth & thretin pounds £1213.0.0
Malcolm mcphersone of Ardbryllack ane hundreth & fyftie libs [pounds] £150.0.0
Dougall mcphersone of Bellachroane tuo hundreth and threttie pounds ten shillings £230.10.0
James mcIntoshe of Stroane three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
John mcphersone of Clune ane hundreth and Nyn pounds £109.0.0
Donald mcphersone of Nude tuo hundreth pounds £200.0.0
Thomas mcphersone of Inertromie four score pounds £80.0.0
Murriach mcphersone of pitiegowrie threescore pounds £60.0.0
William mcIntoshe of Borlum ane hundreth & eleven pounds £111.0.0
Malcolm mcphersone of foynes threescore pounds £60.0.0
John mcJames Da[] fourtie fyve pounds £45.0.0
Thomas mcphersone of Etterass threescore fyftine pounds £75.0.0
Duncan mcphersone of Cluny threttie pounds £30.0.0
Summa £2663.10.0
The Marques of Huntly three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
Lauchlan mcIntoshe of Kincrage four score fyftin pounds £95.0.0
The Laird mcIntoshe ane hundreth & fyftie pounds £150.0.0
Paull mcphersone of dalrady ane hundreth & eight pounds ten shill [shillings] £108.10.0
Alexander mcLean in lynevulge four score ten pounds £90.0.0
Alexander mcphersone of pitticherine ane hundreth pounds £100.0.0
William mcIntosh of Borlum three hundreth pounds £300.0.0
Donald mcquein fourtie pounds £40.0.0
The Laird of Grant Sex pounds £6.0.0
Alexander mcIntosh of Dellyphour Now perteining to Lauchlane mcphersone fyftie Nyne pounds £59.0.0
Summa £1248.10.0
The Marques of Huntly Nyne hundreth fourtie four pound eight shillings three pennyes £944.8.3
John mcphersone of Gellovie ane hundreth thretie three pound £133.0.0
The Laird mcIntoshe tuentie pounds £20.0.0
John mcIntosh for Crachiemore fyftie pounds £50.0.0
William mcpherson of blaragie sextine pound ten shillings ten pennyes £16.10.10
John mcphersone of Crachie Sextie pounds £60.0.0
The Laird of Grant ane hundreth & sextie £160.0.0
duncan mcphersone of Cluny ane hundreth pounds £100.0.0
Summa £1483.19.1
Killmanivack & killmaleive in Lochaber lib - ss - d
Even Camerone of Lochyeill his old rent eight hundreth pounds £800.0.0
John Cameron of Caldert tuo hundreth & ten pounds £210.0.0
Angus Cameron for his wadset ane hundreth pounds £100.0.0
John Cameron of Ratullichmore ane hundreth & thretie thre libs [pounds] £133.0.0
Alexander Cameron of Glenewas three hundreth & thretie pounds £330.0.0
___ mcdonald of Keppach for his own estate three hundreth & fyftie pounds £350.0.0
The marques of Huntly ane thowsand sex hundreth & tuentie seven lib [pounds] £1627.0.0
The Laird of Locheill for the Lands of Lochlie & Locharkak some tyme perteineing to the Laird mcIntoshe ane thowsand pounds £1000.0.0
___ mcDonald of Keppach for a pairt of mcIntoshes Land tuo hundreth & fourtie pounds £240.0.0
Angus more mcalister in bohuntine for a pairt of McIntosh his Land ane hundreth & tuentie pounds £120.0.0
The aires of Muriach mc___ in Inneroymore for a pairt of McIntosh Lands threescore pounds £60.0.0
Donald mcrobert for a pairt of McIntosh his Lands threescore pounds £60.0.0
Alexander mcAngus vic [eanduy] for a pairt of McIntosh Land threescore pounds £60.0.0
___ mceanroy vic Cowll vic allan and ___ mcAngusroy for a pairt of mcIntosh Land threescore pounds £60.0.0
John Cameron of Ratullichbegg ane hundreth & threescore pounds £160.0.0
Martin Cameron of Leterfinlay three hundreth sextie sex pound thretine shillings four pennyes £366.13.4
Summa is £5676.13.4
Killfinan in Glengarie
The Lord mcdonald ane thowsand pounds £1000.0.0
Allan mcdonald of Lundy his aires ther heall estate within the shirefdome of Innernes three hundreth threescore sex pounds thretin shillings four pennyes £366.13.4
Summa £1366.13.4
Skeiru & killphedder
The Captaine of Clanranald ane thowsand eight hundreth pounds £1800.0.0
The Laird mcNeill of Barra seven hundreth & fyftie pounds £750.0.0
Summa £2550.0.0
The Laird mcFingone of Strath'nordell ane thowsand three hundreth pounds £1300.0.0
The Captain of Clanranald £1000.0.0
Summa £2300.0.0

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