Proprietor and land Valuation
Liff Loggie and Innergourie
Mr Patrick Leamen of drybrughe £1143.16.10
Newbigging thr [there] £1190.2.10
Nathertoune £277.15.6
Helen grahame £65.7.0
John Thomsone £69.11.6
John mitchell £40.18.6
alexander Watsone por [portioner] of Liff £32.14.10
Edward montague por throf [portioner thereof] £32.14.10
John fines yor [younger] por throf [portioner thereof] £32.14.10
James gray of bulzeon £65.7.0
William Weather £20.6.6
Kingenny thr [there] £253.7.0
Viscount of stormount thr [there] £424.16.10
[total] £3649.14.0
The totall sowme of the whole rents of the shyre Amounts to ane hundreth sextie Fyve thowsand Fyve hundreth nyntie thrie pund four shilling eight pennys £165593.4.8

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This to be just double and extract of the valuations of the rents of the Shyr of forfar as they war valuit be the Commissionars throf [thereof] for the Zeir [Year] Befor exprest Witnesseth the subscription of me William gray of haystoun clerk thrto [thereto] prnt [present] Ednbuh [Edinburgh]
[Signed] W Gray

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