Proprietor and land Valuation
Lord balmyrrenoth Including his feu deutie foorth of barrie pt [part] is £123.3.10 £1504.1.0
Laird of graing eld [elder] £899.1.10
Graing yor [younger] £376.0.2
Ardowny £343.5.4
Walter lyell of balhall thr [there] £98.2.0
Kingenny thr [there] £220.12.0
West hall or vinoquhie for a pt [part] of Ethiebeattone £81.14.4
Vinoquhie for the rest of his lands thr [there] £351.3.4
Monorgound for the 2 pt [part] of Lwmlathume £384.8.2
Ladie Powrie Ogilvy for the thrid £163.0.4
Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £310.10.0
Craigie for the fissheing of broughtie and few £301.13.9
alexander halyburtoune for balgillo & mylnes £564.7.7
for his lands of foorth £98.2.0
[total] £5696.1.10
Erle of Panmuir £3007.16.2
For stotfeild and fallowes £179.7.10
Auchinleck £555.11.0
Pitterlie and guildie £163.9.0
Newbigging £98.2.0
Clayverhouse for densyd £359.9.10
[total] £4363.15.10
Erle of Dondie £1799.6.6
Clayverhouse not lyfrentit £303.16.0
Ladie Clayverhouse lyfrent lands thr [there] £597.10.8
Dintrwne £453.4.2
Robert Clayhills of newbigging thr [there] £735.15.10
Pitkerro £294.2.10
Craigie £1176.11.10
Walacecraigie £220.15.0
Blacknes Including 7 aikers In the Westfeild valued to 38£ [pounds] 2s [shillings] 5d [pennies] £1111.4.8
For the aikers cost for the mr [master] of gray £130.14.0
balgay and loggie £703.17.10
William Davidsone aikers mortified to the poore of dondie £49.2.4
Hospitall and kirkmr [kirkmaster] of Dondie for the aikers cost for clayverhouse mortified to the poore £80.9.6
Mr george andersone aires for thr [their] aikers not mortified to the poore £3.16.2
For his aikers mortified to the poore £4.7.6
Isobeil Stibles aires £32.12.0
John peirsone £20.6.6
alexander watsone baillie thr [there] £26.7.4
William stevinsone croft £6.4.2
Patrick Ramsay croft £6.4.2
Thomas watsone baillie croft £22.5.6
Blackscroft £16.7.4
Lord balmyrrenoth for west ferrie £114.6.4
[total] £7889.10.2
hill of dondie
Fewars of the hill of dondie £839.17.10
Erle of Dondie thr [there] £947.15.10
Laird of Monorgound thr [there] £784.6.8
Clayverhouse thr [there] £555.11.0
Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £482.3.0
Kirkland thr [there] £138.17.8
[total] £1960.18.9
Ballumbie £344.13.6
Lord balmyrrenoth or powrie for Murroise £423.8.8
Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £999.9.0
Kingenny for east powrie £522.18.10
Westhall £196.3.8
Guthrie for west gargie £196.3.8
Walter lyell for east gargie £81.14.9
[total] £2769.11.8
Powrie Fothringhame thr [there] £130.19.0
Tealling besyd Finlarg £930.19.10
Finlarg £114.17.8
Clayverhouse thr [there] £539.6.9
Strickmartyne for pitpoyntie £130.19.0
[total] £1846.11.10
Erle of Dundie thr [there] £501.18.2
Laird of Strickmartyne £653.15.8
Robert Bultie relict £28.10.2
[total] £1184.4.0
Erle of buchan £1765.9.0
Laird of lundy thr [there] £217.1.6
Dronlaw £441.4.4
Balbeuchlie £114.6.4
James clwny for the templelands of Dronlaw £8.0.0
[total] £2538.1.2
Laird of Lundie £947.15.10
Pitlyell and keath £223.14.0
Hew Pyrie for cluschemylne £37.14.0
Lord gray thr [there] £49.2.4
[total] £1258.6.2

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