Proprietor and land Valuation
Tannadyce [continued]
John Lindsay of corrilhill £89.18.2
Newmylne of Phinevin £75.10.2
Laird of murthill for his Lands of murthill Barneyards Whytwall dobies justinhauch and some lands of his wtin [within] the paroche of Tannadyce £825.2.10
[total] £4986.14.6
Mistres of gray Lyfrent Lands thair £1099.2.0
Powrie Fothringhame £237.19.4
Monorgound for Labothie £65.7.0
Fincaldrum for halfe carrat £47.16.10
Alexander bonar of balgeirsches thr [there] £106.2.10
[total] £1556.8.0
Lord Loury thair £392.7.8
Kincaldrume thair £457.3.4
Easter methie and Kincreich ptaining [pertaining] to alexander Bowar eld [elder] £343.19.4
Wester graing halfe of easter graing mylne and mylne lands of Kincreich £167.7.10
Walkmylne of glenboy £28.10.2
Innerrichtie pt [part] of glenboy £57.6.0
David Ogilvy pt throf [part thereof] £57.6.0
John mitchelsone por [portioner] of graing £57.6.0
Wester Methie £130.14.0
[total] £1692.0.4
Erle of Southesk thair £1034.3.6
Dumbarrow £196.3.10
Erle of Kingorne thr [there] £674.4.10
[total] £1904.12.2
Restenneth £159.4.2
Haystonne for turffebeg & garth £343.2.6
balmischanner £114.9.4
Litlemylne £49.2.2
burnesyd £224.11.2
West dod £125.15.2
Pittreuchie £73.10.8
Craignathrow £261.8.0
Halkertoune £179.16.4
Gairdyne for myresyd & carsburne £47.2.8
Cloggybridges and muirtoune mylne £108.2.2
alexander Bowar for the muire of methie £67.0.10
Lord Loun thair £559.15.8
Kirkmr [Kirkmaster] of forfar for the eastoun end of forfar mortified to the poore £144.7.8
[total] £2457.8.6
Laird of garrdyne thr [there] £1045.17.8
balmadies £441.4.4
Drymie £98.1.10
Carsbank £179.16.2
Cossines thr [there] £142.8.2
Reswallie £60.5.4
Rescobie [continued]
Pitscandlie not lyfrentit £301.15.4
Issobell guthrie Lyfrent Lands thr [there] £60.5.4
Burnsyd woodset thair £208.15.0
Mr Robert Edward woodset £134.18.8
Mr John Pilmor woodset £226.5.0
[total] £2899.12.10
Erle of Kingorne thr [there] not woodset £737.9.8
Erle of southesk for pitkennitie £32.12.0
Laird of Melgound £513.12.6
Laird of garrdyne thr [there] £703.17.10
Sir Robert fletcher thair £703.17.10
John jonkyne for balbenny & damesyd £277.15.2
David jonkyne for Balglessie £147.1.2
Tulliequhandland thr [there] £196.7.0
fleymingtoune £118.11.2
Carsgowry £179.18.2
[total] £3611.2.6
Erle of Southesk thair £1977.14.8
David Dewqr of tht [that] ilk £130.14.0
Shannallie for West balquhadlie £53.1.4
Auchnacrie £57.8.10
[total] £2218.18.10
Laird of balnamoon for the lands of Carrldstoune wt [with] the ptiments [pertinents] £826.16.8
For his lands of pitforkie £413.8.2
[total] £1240.4.10
Laird of balnamoone thr [there] £1349.4.2
Balyordie £473.5.6
balhall £543.8.0
brathinsche £375.17.4
Balrownie £318.8.6
[total] £3060.3.6
Erle of Panmure thr [there] £261.8.0
Laird of balnamoon thr [there] £58.14.4
Charles Robertsone of nathrow £67.0.10
Robert Erskyne por [portioner] of Tulliearblet £18.6.10
Thomas gray relict pt throf [part thereof] £18.6.10
Andrew erskyne por throf [portioner thereof] £36.16.8
[total] £460.13.6
Edzell Lethnot & Lochlie
Laird of Edzell £3529.15.6
Erle of Kingorne thr [there] £1013.19.10
Erle of Southesk thair £1386.6.8
Erle of Panmure thr [there] £1430.4.6
Findowrie £547.4.4
Ladie glenegies £1013.19.10

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L.s.d. for pounds, shillings and pence, the letters being taken from the Latin librae, solidi and denarii.

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