Proprietor and land Valuation
Kirremure [continued]
James Annand of Kinqhirrie not woodset £77.7.8
Easter ballinscheo ptaining [pertaining] to Robert fletcher £277.15.6
glesswall £212.8.6
Fynnaltie for over and nether ballinshoe £147.1.6
Fewars of easter Tarbirmes £114.6.6
Schilhill thr [there] £89.1.2
Easter Ogill for balbegno £16.18.8
glencalla for Rannagliro £7.12.4
Lord Spynie thr [there] not woodset £613.8.4
Woodset of Langbanck £36.16.8
John howie relict woodset £12.5.8
William howie woodset £12.5.8
James newtoune woodset of Kilhill £61.2.4
Mr David Lindsay woodset of sandiefoord £81.14.6
Thomas hesswall thrid pt [part] of west tarbirmes £32.14.10
__ Andersone thrid throf [thereof] £32.14.10
John Lindsay thrid pt throf [part thereof] £32.14.10
Woodsetter of Lednathie £163.8.10
Haystowne for drumclwne £45.0.6
For his woodset of Kinquhirrie £36.16.8
Land of Innercarritie by his woodset of Lednathie £1821.18.2
[total] £6445.4.6
Fewares of the Kirktoune of Kirremur £310.10.4
Land of clovay not woodset £87.18.8
Lenneard neilsone woodset £37.13.8
John farqrsone [farquharsone] woodset £33.11.10
David Lindsay woodset £159.4.2
Wester Lethnot £98.1.10
Easter Lethnot £98.1.10
[total] £514.12.0
Erle of airlie not woodset thr [there] £751.14.10
John sympsone woodset £65.7.0
galla elder £65.7.0
alexander Lindsay woodset of Rotwall £139.3.4
Woodsetter of [Edyne] £36.16.8
glencalla thr [there] £41.9.10
James Duncan woodset £16.7.6
James Lindsay woodset £16.7.6
Alexander dawie woodset £24.11.2
Braesyd £89.18.2
[total] £1247.3.0
Arblair and bamff woodset of the tuo pt [part] of Drumgley £248.5.6
Mr [Master] of glamis woodset of the thrid throf [thereof] and balnamoone £222.0.4
Robert fothringhame woodset of the myretoune of glamis £57.17.4
Rochelhill £98.18.10
Knockkenny £75.7.4
mr James auchinleck woodset of newtoune £92.14.8
Glamis [continued]
Catharine Lyone pentione foorth of the toune of glamis £15.7.8
For her woodset thr [there] £89.6.10
francis heastie pentione in glamis £6.1.4
Woodsetter of Wester denwne £269.11.8
Captaine Lyone for westhill and aikers in glamis £49.2.4
Easter Denwne £274.16.2
Lands of Thorntowne £417.7.4
Clayverhouse thair £902.18.2
Cossines thr [there] £149.3.10
Walkmylne of glamis £5.4.4
William gray of Haystoune £144.10.8
Erle of Kingorne Lands thair not woodset and given in pentione £1264.2.0
[total] £4382.16.4
Land of brigtoune £1060.5.8
Sir thomas mudie for kynnetles £305.8.8
Ladie Cossines Lyfrent of Innerchitie £228.16.0
Mylne of Innerrichtie £62.16.2
William gray of haystoune for foffartie £139.17.6
Leckowne and his mother equallie £174.12.0
[total] £1971.16.0
David Ogilvy of over kynnaltie aires thair £147.1.6
John ogilvy of kynnaltie for the pt [part] of the barronie throf [thereof] walled auchleische cossax and shreffebank £135.10.0
Nather Kynnaltie £69.11.8
Thomas Ogilvy for Torphachie and start being pts [parts] of the Ps [Parish] lands of Kynnaltie £125.18.0
James Lindsay of glenqueich £77.12.6
Mr James Lindsay woodset of cowle £212.8.6
Findowrie woodset £171.15.4
Alexander strachane woodset thr [there] £190.16.7
Thomas fentone woodset thr [there] £70.11.5
baldowkie woodset £143.2.4
george Ramsay woodset thr [there] £114.9.4
george clephane woodset thr [there] £98.1.10
David Lyone woodset of balgillie £179.16.4
Erle of Kingorne not woodset £147.1.6
Wester Ogill woodset thr [there] £98.1.11
For his Lands of wester Ogill £653.12.4
Easter Ogill woodset thr [there] £98.1.11
For his Lands of easter Ogill £326.6.6
William and alexander guthrie of memis relicts £155.5.0
Mr John Livingstoune of west memis £163.8.10
Wester Auchleuchrie £98.1.10
Schilhill for auchnagray £61.19.2
Inschewan not woodset £234.11.8
John Ramsay woodset thr [there] £92.3.4
Cairne and shreffebank £130.14.0

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