Plan Of The Estate Of Carse Gray, Angus

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP505

Date: 1815

Description: 'Plan of the Estate of Carsegray, the property of Charles Gray, Esq[ui]r[e].' By William Blackadder.
[1:6000] 1 inch = 6.75 Scottish chains. 669 x 1654 mm. Ink and colour wash. Linen backing.
Detailed estate plan with farms coloured. Field boundaries shown with acreages of arable, pasture, gardens, woods and roads given for each farm in table of contents. Mills, mill leads, quarries, barracks, brewery, windmill, botanic garden, ancient camp, fosse and standing stones noted. Roads, turnpike, toll, paths, and part of Forfar, including church, school and Castle Hill noted. MS addition showing line of Scottish Midland Railway.

Archival history: Court of Session records (CS)

Coordinates: 353818, 755114