Plan Of Glenlivet Showing Glassachoil, Suie Etc, Banffshire


Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP1784

Date: [1839]

Description: No title. [Part 7 of 7]. By [George McWilliam].
[1:4000] 1 in = 5 Imperial chains. 521 x 653 mm. Hand coloured. Lithograph. Linen backing.
Plan of infield-outfields lands of Suie, Knock of Suie and Glasachyle coloured to show boundaries of townships. Field boundaries with acreages given. Steadings, gravel, large stone and field 'been lab'd' noted.

Archival history: Records of Crown Estate Commissioners (CR)

Coordinates: 322582, 828242