List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AMHAINN DUBH Amhainn Dhubh
Amhainn Dhubh
Amhainn Dhubh
Mr A C MacKenzie Schoolmaster Maryburgh
Mr A MacKenzie Crofter Heights of Fodderty
075; 076 This names is applied to a stream, having its source on Meall a' Ghuail. It flows in a south west direction through Gleann Speireig, and thence in a southerly direction to where it takes the name of Amhainn Sgiathach. Signifies "Black River". Property of Duncan Davidson Esq of Tulloch.
Bad Goblach
Mr A C MacKenzie
Mr A MacKenzie
076 This name is applied to a hill face in Gleann Speireig. Signifies "Spreading" Tufts. Duncan Davidson Esqr of Tulloch Proprietor.

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