List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BROCKLOCH CAIRN BrocKloch Cairn General Sir Alexander Wallace Loch Ryan Ho. [House] Cairn Ryan 005 A large assemblege of Stones about 30 links in diameter the Cairn stands on the fell of Brochloch and in Muckle leight Farm the property of Genl [General] Sir Alexander Wallace
BROCHLOCHFELL Brochlochfell John Duglas Farmer
Heigh MarK by By [Boundary] Cairn Ryan
005 A Large Rough hill falling West to Pernwiran Burn Ad South to Loch Ree. This is a Trigl [Trigonometrical] Station Stands on this hill & has been Called Loch Ree hill. Brochlochfell is in the Meickle Leight Farm the property of the General Sir Alexander Wallace

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[Page] 31 -- Plan 5.13 -- Trace No. 2 -- List of Names Collected by Private William BirKby R S [Royal Sappers] & Miners 1st. Examiner -- Parish of Inch

Name -- Object
Brockloch Cairn - Pile of stones
Brochlochfell - Hill

William BirKby
Pt. R S [Private Royal Sappers] & Miners
29th January 1846

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