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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SGÒR NAN COIREACHAN Sgòr nan Coireachan
Sgòr nan Coireachan
Rev [Reverend] John McLean
Mr. Allan McDonald
108 A prominent Rocky, pointed Hill situated about a mile East of "Gàrbh Chìoch Bheag" the name signifies the "Pointed Hill of the many Corries"
REIDH NAM FIADH Reidh nam Fiadh
Reidh nam Fiadh
Rev [Reverend] John McLean
Mr. Allan McDonald
108 Applies to a small Flat or level place on the face of a Hill about ½ mile W [West] of "Sgòr nam Coireachan" name signifies the "Deers Flat"
Garbh Chìoch Mhòr
Rev [Reverend] John McLean
Mr. Allan McDonald
108 A Rocky pointed Hill or Top situated about ½ a mile S.E. [South East] of "Sgòr na Cìche" the name signifies thw "Big Rough Pap.
Garbh Chioch Bheag
Rev [Reverend] John McLean
Mr. Allan McDonald
108 A similar Hill to the one described above and situated about ½ mile East of it the name signifies the "Little Rough Pap."

Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 16 Inverness-shire Six Inch Sheet 108

Against the name "Reidh nam Fiadh", in the Situation column, is written: Ph [Parish[ of Kilmonivaig

The names "Sgòr nan Coireachan", "Garbh Chìoch Mhòr" and "Garbh Chìoch Bheag" are not listed in List of Names column but the following notes are written:
See page 21 for this name [P.D.] Corp. [Corporal] R.E. [Royal Engineers]

See page 17 for this name [P.D.] Corp. [Corporal] R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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