List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MANSE FC.[Free Church] Manse
FC.[Free Church] Manse
FC.[Free Church] Manse
Revd [Reverend] Adam Spence
James Luke Scrogend
Thomas Purvis Houndwood
005.13 [Situation] About two chains North from the Bank of Eye Water and as many West from Houndwood A modern built house in good repair with a garden and ornamental grounds attached
It was occupied as a [--] before the N.B. [North British] Railway was constructed but is now the F.C. [Free Church] Manse and occupied by the officiating Minister The Revd [Reverend] A Spence.
WOODLAND COTTAGE Woodland Cottage Thomas Purvis Houndwood
James Hand. Houndwood
James Luke. Srogend
005.13 [Situation] About Seventeen chains from the East planline and twenty four chains east southeast from Manse (FC) [Free Church] A neat little house - modern built - having a small garden with ornamental grounds in front of the house - It is the property of Mrs S. Coulson of Houndwood - and is, at present, unoccupied,

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In Authorities for spelling for Woodlands Cottage the name "Srogend" should probably be "Scrogend" as indicated in FC Manse.
In Descriptive remarks for FC Manse unable to the word following "as an".

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