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PRIORY (Remains of) [Coldingham] Priory
(Remains of)
(Remains of)
(Remains of)
Andrew Wilson, Coldingham

John Johnston, Coldingham

William Gray Coldingham
005.12 [Situation] In the village of of Coldingham about five chains east from Bridge Street
The Priory owes its foundation to the pious gratitude of King Edgar of Scotland, for a victory which he gained over Donald the usurper,and by which he was seated securely upon the throne of his father, P [Page] 244 while Its erection was begun immediately after his accession to the throne, while feelings of gratitude flowed vividly within his breast, His endowment charters bear no date, but from the fact of his having commenced his reign in 1098, and from one of them being granted during the life time of William Rufus, who died two years afterwards, its foundation must have been intermediate to these two years. P. [Page] 246
The church of the monastery which was dedicated to St [Saint] Mary, appears to have been a magnificent structure.
It was in the form of a cross, the remains of its choir exhibiting a
beatiful specimen of the transition from the Norman to the early English style of architecture. P [Page] 314.
The north-west angle of the transept was fortified by a massive square tower, which fell about 60 years ago, and is said by some old people who remember it, to have been upwards of 90 feet high. The exterior of the northern and eastern walls of the choir, which forms half of the present parish church, present inferiorly a series of Norman arches, arranged in pairs, and decorated with chiffron moulding, each arch being united to its fellow [??] by one slender circular column, surmounted by a plain unornamented capital, and separated from each succeeding pair by a projecting buttress. The upper part of the wall indicates a more advanced style of architecture, in a range of lancet- shaped windows, with massive canopies. P. [Page] 312 The other walls of the church are comparitively modern, the south one having been crested in 1662, soon after its demolition by Cromwell P [Page] 313
The situation of the cloisters, refectory, and other buildings can only be conjectured P. [Page] 316 (turn over)

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In Descriptive remarks unable to decipher one word (shown [??]), the word "chiffron" likely to be 19C spelling of "chevron" and the page references apply to the the comment, written vertically in List of Names column - Extracts from Carrs Hist. [History] of Coldingham Priory

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