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Dean Burn

Dean Burn
Andrew Wilson, Coldingham
John Johnston Coldingham
Robert Spence Coldingham
005.11 [Situation] In the northwest corner of the plan
and running parallel to Abbey Burn at a distance of twenty chains
This is the continuation of Buskin Burn and bears the name from the road, where the former terminates to St. [Saint] Andrew's Well." It runs thro' [through] a narrow"Dean" which is planted on each side_

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Coldingham Parish Sheet 5 No 11 Trace 3 [Page] 19

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Coldingham Loan
Coldingham Loan
Coldingham Loan

Andrew Wilson Coldingham
John Johnston Coldingham
Robert Colven Coldingham

A Parish road leading in
a northwest direction out of
the village of Coldingham, It
bears the name as where it makes
a sharp turn to the norteast, at
where an occupation road
branches off to "Buskinburn"_

Loan in the Scottish dialect means
a road. sometimes a street

Cancelled By Order
[?] [Thomas] Cosgrove [Corp?] [Corporal] RSM [Royal Sappers & Miners]
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