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Ale water

Ale Water
Adam Inglis. N. [North] Grange
James Gray. S [South] Grange
Andrew Wilson, Coldingham
005.10 ; 005.11 ; 005.15 ; 005.16 A rivulet formed by the conflux of moor streams 2 near Press Castle, and from thence flowing with many sinuosities in an
Easterly direction till its confluence with the Eye Water near to Eyemouth. (P.24)
2. Three Grange Burn & Mid Grange Burn

Three Grange Burn

Three Grange Burn
Adam Ingles. N. [North] Grange
James Gray. S.[South] Grange
Andrew Wilson. Coldingham
005.10 [Situation] Flowing in a South easterly direction and extending from North Grange Burn to Mid Grange Burn
A small streamlet formed by, the confluence of two burns, namely North Grange Burn and a small stream which flows through North Dean It retains this name no farther than where it unites with Mid Grange Burn

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Coldingham Parish [Page] 12
Sheet 5. 10 Trace 6. Collected by c/a [civilian assistant] McKay

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The name Hopestead (transcribed below) appears on OS 21 page 11A of this volume - transcription feedback submitted.
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