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We Robert Dundas McQueen of Braxfield, Richard Vary
Provost and James Forrest Dean of Guild of Lanark
three of the Commissioners of Supply for the County of Lanark and
John Lamb Clerk of Supply do hereby testify that what is contained,
on the eighty five preceeding pages is a just Duplicate of the
Valuation Book of the County of Lanark according as the same
has been made up by the directions received from the Right
Honble [Honourable] The Barons of Exchequer with this alteration that in
some instances the name of the present proprietor when certainly
known has been inserted in place of the former and
further that the total Valuation of the County amounts to
the Sum of One Hundred and Sixty two thousand one hundred
and thirty one pound fourteen Shillings and five pence
five hundred and thirty two five hundred and eighty one
parts of a penny Scots subscribed by us the eighteenth day
of May Eighteen hundred and three years

Robert Dundas McQueen
Richard Vary
James forrest
John Lamb Clk [Clerk]

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