Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Telfer His Lands £456.0.0
of Hartree Unniston £116.13.4
Clachan £58.6.8
Eastfeild £70.0.0
Tinto syde and Uyn Dales £60.0.0
Lockheart Hill £76.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £838.0.0
Maurice Carmichael of Eastend Westside incl [including] Hill of Tinto ot Tintoside £89.11.5
Broadfield £27.19.5
Southside £44.15.8
North ½ of 12 ac [acres] of West Croft £6.9.2
South ½ of 12 ac [acres] of West Croft £6.9.2
12 ac [acres] of West Croft £14.4.0
11 ac [acres] of West Croft £15.9.7
14 ac [acres] of West Croft viz. £6.7.11
Part thereof by Thomas Smith
Part thereof by Thomas Somerville £8.19.1
Castlehill £4.5.3
Feus in Village £0.9.11
Part of Symington holding of Mrs Carmichael £5.19.5
Geddence £16.5.8
Lindsaylands etc £12.9.11
Borecloth of West Croft £20.0.11
Lodge £63.19.7
Mill & Lands £29.17.1
Col [Colonel] Renton's other lands & Feus £82.16.0
David Dickson of Hartree Anniston £116.13.4
Clachan £58.6.8
Eastfield £70.0.0
William Somerville Tintosyde Moindales £60.0.0
James Hoinson [?] Lockharthill Coirhouses £76.0.0
[total] £837.9.10
Mr Lockhart of Carnwath His Lands £724.0.0
James Harper Elrickle £25.0.0
John and James Craigs Their Lands there £180.0.0
Part of Howburn being part of the Lands of Elrickle £9.17.0
John Whyte of Wallbats Part thereof £5.16.9
JAllan Esq Part thereof £24.12.3
Elizabeth Wright and husband West third of Elrickle £27.6.0
John Allan Esq Part thereof £15.14.0
Andrew Aitken His Lands there £43.0.0
James Peacock His Lands there £160.0.0
Thomas Yelton His Lands there £18.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1233.0.0

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In Symington there are entries in a different hand and possibly at a different time seemingly duplicating the original entries or at least more or less giving the same total. There is a numeric notation against some of these entries which have not been transcribed.

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