Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Shotts [continued]
Brought forward £3661.6.8
Nether Dunsyston £133.6.8
Henry Boswell His Lands £41.0.0
David Hamilton His Lands £26.13.4
Deushill £80.0.0
William Meek Half of Fortisset £66.13.4
Samuel Shaw Half of Fortisset £66.13.4
Wester Windie Edge £45.0.0
South Hirst £58.0.0
North Hirst £38.0.0
Blairmuckhill £120.0.0
Blairmuckholl £100.0.0
Wester Braco £133.6.8
Papert Hills £30.0.0
Starrie Shaw £36.0.0
Alexander Brounlie Knownoble £80.0.0
James Turner His Lands there £34.6.8
William Cleland His Lands there £34.6.8
Walter Sauch His Lands there £34.6.8
Hamilton of Wishaw His part of Bankhead £14.14.0
John Melk His part of Bankhead £7.6.0
Thomas Cleland His half of the Mains of Knownoblehill £29.12.6 10/12
John Cumming His half thereof £29.12.6 10/12
John Cumming Langwark Biggar Foord and Coorsehall £25.15.3 4/12
John Waddle Dicks dub and Broun hill £38.12.11
The Earl of Forfar His Lands £200.0.0
Synslie £80.13.4
William Wardrop Calderhead £117.6.8
Richard Manuel His Lands there £53.0.0
David Young Hairshaw £93.6.8
North Shaws £40.0.0
* John Wood His Lands there £40.0.0
Thomas McLeay One third of Auchinlee £31.2.2 8/12
Carried forward £5665.2.2 8/12

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