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* NB. In the Valuation Book the Lands of Kairnhill Pyetshaw and Scanhill are rated in Cumulo at £77.0.0
and Faskine £290.00
[total] £367.0.0
But in Subdividing them 7 May 1748 and 9 Sep 1774 no mention is made of Kairnhill - The Subdivision being as follows.
William Robertson for Neuck and Sandiecroft £61.0.0
Gardner for Pyetshaw and Scarholl £17.0.0
Thomas Wilson for Mossneuck £5.17.0
Monkland for Braids mailing £14.0.0
Gray for Carwoods £30.0.0
James Gardner for his part £179.3.0
[total] £307.0.0
As therefore £60 of the Valuation is wanting to make up the Cumulo Valuation
divided it is thought that the Same ought to apply to Kairnhill no notice
therof being made in the Subdivision

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