Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Archibald Stewart * Eight Merk Lands of Heads £227.11 1 285/581
Four Pound Land of Muirburn £195.19.6 366/581
Eight Merk Land of West quarter £214.18.10 124/581
The One Merk Land of Hillieside £50.11.5 563/581
The Four Pound Ten Shilling Land of East quarter and ten Shilling Land of Castleland £181.5.1 385/581
The Twenty SHilling Land of Craigthorn £37.8.0
The Four Merk Land of Westmains Whitehill Braehead and Paffle £132.15.2 98/581
The Twenty Shilling Land of Burnside and Half Merk Land of Calderholm £35.5.8
The Two Merk Land of Whitecraigs £52.19.8
The two Merk Land of Knowhead and Two Merk Land about the Kirk £75.17.2 554/581
Forty penny Land late of John Marshall £9.9.7 508/581
The twenty penny Land of Cutts and Miln and Mill Lands £75.17.2 554/581
Burn £79.5.0
Earl of Eglinton His Lands £410.0.0
Crouther Lane £25.0.0
Mr John Hamilton His Lands part of Earnochs £175.0.0
John Bryson His part of Drumloch £34.0.0
John Nasmith His part thereof £34.0.0
Flatt £44.6.8
John Semple His part of Shawtonhill £12.16.0
William Park His part thereof £12.16.0
Carried forward £2117.2.5 532/581

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