Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Crawford John
Earl Of Selkirk Nethertown consisting of
Twenty one Oxgates £279.10.07
Overtoun Four Oxgates £77.02.00
Mountharrick £86.00.02
Boghouse £86.00.02
Glenblaith £73.14.05
Goat £24.11.06
Crawford John miln and Lands £49.03.00
Lisclough £34.08.01
Nether Abbington £92.03.01
Balgray £79.17.04
Gilkershaugh ( Please see notes) £272.16.04
Birkcleugh and White Cleugh £135.00.00
McMorran Glespin £402.00.00
Son of Wm Maxwell of Calderwood Abbington (see notes) £200.00.00
Andrew Chuickton His Lands( Part of Overtown of Crawfordjohn & Colchmoore) £70.00.00
Nofs Castle £100.00.00
Glendorch £66.13.04
Glendowan £26.13.04
Strang Cleugh £66.13.04
Wester Glentewing £50.00.00
John Coltheart His Lands £18.00.00
William Braidford His Lands £40.00.00
Litter Shaws £30.00.00
Total Valuation of this Parish £2360.06.08

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Earl of Selkirk is noted as landowner from line 1 to line 12. On Line 13 there is extra information with regard to the land owned, unable to decipher the writing.

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