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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Earl of Hopetoun His property Lands £1864.13.4
Alexander Irvine Esq Advocate and Archibald Williamson The Vassals in the Lands of Merkholm Middenset ad Braehead of south Shot cleugh pertaining to them being part of the Lands of Friersmuirs and held few of the said Earl of Hopetoun to pay Cess for each of their respective fews at the rate of Forty five pounds Scots of Valuation £135.0.0
Thomas Forrest The Lands of Over Howcleugh £142.10.8
Crimperamp £127.9.4
Whyt Camp £266.13.4
Whelphill £120.0.0
Hartup £180.0.0
Rae cleugh £130.0.0
Newton and over Fingland £242.0.0
D: [Duke of] Hamilton Haircleugh £100.0.0
Half Little Clyde £80.0.0
Eldershaw £346.0.0
Trowloss £190.0.0
The Honble [Honourable] Mr Douglas of Douglass Proprietor of Four Freedoms Crawford town £25.3.0
William Gibson Three Freedoms £24.4.0
Robert McQueen Waelphill Two Freedos £14.7.0
Mr Irving Two Freedoms £12.12.0
Robert McQueen one Freedom £6.14.0
Kirkup £242.0.0
Earl of Selkirk Nether Howclough £85.9.9
Nether Normandgills £42.14.10
Over Southwood £25.12.11
Whitegills £35.18.1
Kirktoun of Crawford £51.5.10
Carried forward £4490.8.1

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cleugh = gorge, ravine or cliff, crag "Concise Scots Dictionary"

Interpretation of D: - As it happens the next page is from 1917 and lists the same lands as being in the ownership of the Rt Hon Lord Douglas. A quick tour of Wikipedia suggests that this might be Alfred Douglas-Hamilton the 13th Duke of Hamilton. So it seems likely that the 1803 entry of "D: Hamilton" indicates the Duke of Hamilton.

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