Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Castlemilk £845.3.0
Sir John Stewart His part of a three Merk Land of Netherton £65.15.1
One Merk ten penny Land of Carsheugh £23.5.10
Two Merk Thirty penny Land of Buckerlaw £47.19.1
Geroge Park One Merk and one hundred and forty penny Land of Carnbooth £41.2.1
John Watt One hundred penny Land of Milnflatt £13.14.1
William Thomson Forty penny Land of Lidell £5.9.9
John Ritchie Forty penny and of Boghead £5.9.9
John Dick Thiry penny Land of Craigs £4.1.1
Andrew Puck Twenty penny Land of Two Acre gate £2.14.10
John More Tewnty penny Land of Frestram myre £2.14.10
The Heirs of Robert Watson Tewnty penny Land of Milnhall £2.14.10
John Gilmour Ten penny Land of Linbrae £1.7.5
David McCredie Ten penny Land of two acre gate £1.7.5
Mathew Kirkland Ten penny Land of Briersielands £1.7.5
George Park His part of Kennox £53.14.4
William Paterson His Lands there £26.17.2
Cathkine £439.7.0
Spittle £66.5.0
Totla Valuation of this Parish £1650.10.0
Carstairs and Cathcart
William Fullerton Esq Straffrank Ryflet Miln and Miln Lands of Stabolie £243.11.6
His Lands £653.7.2
William Fullerton Esq Ravenstruther £294.14.0
Miss Elizabeth Hamilton Her parrt of Mossplatt and others £178.4.3
The Trustee of the deceased Captain James Hamilton Their part of Mossplatt £227.0.0
Mr Lockhart of Carnwath Shodshill and Miln £87.13.7
Allan Lockhart Stabbolie £64.19.10
William Fullerton Esq Nether Mossplatt £161.0.8
James Sommerville Covanhill £36.7.10
Thomas Prentice Covanhill £36.7.10
Allan Lockhart Esq Hairlaw £133.6.8
John Sommerville His Lands £33.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £2150.0.0
Aitkenhead £343.13.4
Dripps £581.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £925.0.0

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