Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Sir R. Anstruther's Trustees Law £500.0.0
Lord Newlands Mauldslie Castle Mauldslie £419.13.6
Robert Robertson, Shersby Harvey Brownlee £219.2.2½
The Earl of Home Belstane £551.10.11½
The Shotts Iron Co. [Company] Ltd 1 Castle Street, Edinburgh Castlehill £380.0.0
The Coltness Iron Co. [Company], Newmains Hallcraig £60.0.0
Gen. [General] D.B. Lockhart's Trustees Milton Lockhart £575.9.2
Sir Simon McDonald Lockhart Lee £823.11.10
James S.A.M Steel Waggates Law £324.10.10
Lord Lamington, 10 Hill St. Edinr. [Edinburgh] Hyndshaw £470.0.0
John Allan Tanhill £23.9.4¾
R.D. Allan Middlehouse £33.6.8
Major J S Hamilton Kirkton £300.0.0
Jane Bell, Rhannan Rd., Cathcart. Westerhouse £66.13.4
William Smith Blythbank £4.13.0½
James Cadzow Craighead £29.6.8
James Mathews Gowanside £21.19.10
John Scott Orchard £264.13.10
Alexander Pillans Langshaw £38.0.0
Guy Jack Borland £24.17.5¾
Col [Colonel] James Stevenson Braidwood £110.10.6
John Agnew Nellfield £34.8.6¾
James Gilchrist, 23 Queen St, Edinr. [Edinburgh] Gollford £105.16.7¾
William Gilchrist, 93 Hope St. Glasgow Stockwell £42.0.0
Robert R. Logan Braehead £33.11.4½
William Forrest, The Yett, Blackheath, Hardy Road West, Edinr. [Edinburgh] Yett £31.7.2
Forward £5488.13.0

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List of the Valued Rent Heritors of the Parish of Carluke.

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