Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Brot. forward 4570.3
Archibald Robertson His part of Christon 48.1.8
John Lang Writer in Glasgow Holms part of Grays Half
of Christon 64.
Remaining parts of
Christon 128.6.8
Archibald Robertson His Half of Drumcavell 13.10
James Gray His Half of Drumcavell 13.10
John Gray His Lands 24.
Easter Muckcroft 102
Robert Gray Wester Muckcroft 65
Bedlay Miln 41
John Calder Davidson 300
George and John Drews Burnbrae Lord stone - Superior of 12th land of Davidson called Burnbrae £50 Sa????? 100
William Gray Auchingich 99.18.9
Half of Christon being
George Buchannan an Eleven Shilling and 96.4.7
and Eight penny Land
Archibald Robertson Fourth part of Johnston 82.10
Three fourth parts of the
Archibald Robertson other three fourth part 185.12.6
of Johnston
One fourth part of said
Robert Sproul three fourth part of 61.17.6
James Stirling of Keir His part of Lumloch 93
Thomas Reid His part of Lumloch 20.13.4
William Drew and John
Buchannan Their part of Lumloch 41.6.8
John Bryce His Lands there 60.16
John Marshal His Lands there 60.16
Total Valuation of this Parish 6272.6.8

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