Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot. [Brought] Over £11866.17.2
Harvey Davidson of Tulloch £22.11.0
Harvey Davidson for Udoll £140.5.0
Harvey Davidson for Langlands £37.7.6
Harvey Davidson for Haughs £6.10.0
Sum £206.13.6
The Estate of Ardoch £410.0.0
Lord Seaforth for the miln of Ussy £200.0.0
The Mistress of Culbo £100.0.0
John Clunes younger of Neilstown £62.0.0
Thomas Lindsay's representatives £10.12.6
Donald Williamson Portioner's Lands £4.16.0
Hugh McLeod and James Williamson's Lands £3.7.6
The Juror's Lands £3.4.0
John McCulloch's Lands £0.12.0
The Magistrates of Fortrose £29.0.0
amounting to twelve thousd [thousand] eight hund [hundred] ninety seven pds [pounds] two Shell's [Shillings] & eight pennce Scots £12897.2.8

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The meeting upon considering the aforesaid Valuation Roll presented by their Clerk
compared with the papers mentioned by their said Clerk in his Report, Approve
thereof, and direct the same to be insert in the minutes of this day, As and for the
Valuation Roll of the County of Cromarty, Settled and Approved off in the present
meeting, and as the Roll of which he is to give forth Extracts, when called upon
for Extracts of the Valuation Roll of the County (Signed) John Gordon P.
Alexander Brodie Clerk

Cromarty 9th October 1777
Extracted from the County Minutes
by - Alexander Brodie Clerk

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