Hearth tax transcription

I the abovenamed James Moir of Stonywood being nominat by ane Meeting of the Comissioners who wer apoynted by the Lords of Privie Councell for surveying of new, The hearths within the shyre of Abd [Aberdeen] To cause survey the hearths within the Presbitrie of Ellon and to receive up the accompts of hearth money collected be the sub collector above named within the bounds of the said presbitrie Doe by thes presents Testifie that the above written Report both of the said subcollrs [sub-collectors] accompts and of the new survey abovementioned Conforme to the above written Lists is Just and true as the samen wes given up to me by the persons and in Maner above sett doune rexive [respectively] And that alss far as I wes informed or did see Recepts granted be the said subCollector Did agrie with his abovewritten charge given in be himself, Who as I wes informed had done dilligence by ane anterior survey for discovrie of the true number of hearths within the bounds forsaid And that the Deficients ar the poorer sort of people, In Testimonie qrof [quharof] I have subt [subscrivt] thir pntes [presentes] with my hand Att Aberdein the Twentie fourth Day of Febrrvary Jaj vj cs four scor threttene [1693] Years
[Signed] James Moire

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'Rexive' is an abbreviation for 'respective(ly)', with confusion of 'x' and 'p'.

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