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I Robert Dunbar assist (assistant) Surveyor aforesd [aforesaid] do hereby certify that upon careful examination
I find the foregoing duties amount to the Sum of £22 5 Stg [Sterling] and that
the 25th day of Janry [January] 1790 I sent by one of the Dumfs [Dumfries] Carriers to [Mr Francis]
Maxwell Collr [Collector] for the Burgh aforesaid, an exact duplicate of this account
which contained my oath that the preceeding inhts [inhabitants] were duly served
requisitions of the Dates foresaid, and that they are charged according to
Several returns to me, as to the best information I could procure.
Robert Dunbar assist (assistant) Surveyor

of the Female Servants duty in
Dumfries burgh
ending 5 April 1790


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