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Date Masters/mistresses names and designations Children under 14 Servants names Number of servants Bachelor servants One servant Two servants Three or more servants Duty
Anstruther Easter
8 Oct 1789 John Reid Nelly Duncan House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
George Ayton Ann Young Chamber Maid
Peggie Crawfurd Cook Maid
2 2 £0.10.0
Andrew Black a Bachelor Janet Beath House Maid 1 1 £0.5.0
George Darsie Isabell Wilison House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
David Henderson 1 Margrat Esone House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Wiliam Gray Ann Lindsay House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Thomas Ballardie Elizabath McIntosh House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Mrs Chalmers Jeane Duthie House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Alexander Cuningham 1 Agnes Wilison House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
James Smith Ann Sutherland House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Alexander Martain Mary Rumshy House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Thomas Whyte Agnes Russell House Maid 1 1 £0.2.6
Mr John Nearen Minister Bettie Anstruther House Maid
Janet Callie Chamber Maid
2 2 £0.10.0
15 1 10 4 £2.10.0

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Anstruther Easter

1 Servant Bachelor at 5/ Each is £0.5.0
10 Servant Batchelor at 2..6/ [£0.2.6] Each is £1.5.0
4 Servant Batchelors at 5/ [£0.5.0] Each is £1.0.0
I Charles Robb Assessor aforesaid do hereby Certify that upon careful Examination of the foregoing Several
Rates and Duties I find they Amount in whole to the Sum of Two pounds Ten Shillings Sterlling and that
upon the Sixteenth day of December I delivered to James Mercier Collector for the Burgh aforesaed
an Exact Duplecat of the above Account duly Examined and Compared with the foregoing which Contaened
my Oath that Noteces were left with the Several Inhabitants or at their Dwelling Houses of the dates
Annexed to their Respective Names that they were to be Charged with the Sums hereby certefied to be due from
Charles Robb Assessor

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