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I John Wood Surveyor aforesaid Do hereby certify that upon carefull
examination I find these duties to amount to the sum of one hundred
and sixty five pounds Two shillings and sixpence Sterling and
that this Same day being the eighteenth of January 1790 I did
deliver into the office of George Cranstoune Esqr. Collector of
said duties a full duplicate of this acct [account] in which I mentioned
that the charges agt. [against] the several Inhabitants were made either in
consequence of their returns to My Requisitions, or when they failed
to make such Returns from the best information I could procure John Wood

257 Female Servants at £0.2.6 each £32.2.6
70 Female Servants at £0.5.0 each £17.10.0
147 Female Servants at £0.10.0 each £73.10.0
68 Bachrs [Bachelors] Servants at £0,5,0 each £17.0.0
10 Bachelors Servants at £0.10.0 each £5.0.0
20 Bachelors Servants at £1.0.0 each £20.0.0
572 £165.2.6

17 Oct 1789 Mr Mercer at Bow 1 1 £0.10.0

Ed [Edited] 8 Mar 1790 The above surcharge added to the Collector's Duplicate by John Wood

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