Plan Of Ardnamurchan And Sunart, Argyll

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP72

Date: 1806

Description: 'Ardnamurchan and Sunart the property of Sir James Milles Riddell, Bt.' By William Bald.
Scale [1:11,600] 1 inch = 13 Scottish chains. 4320 x 2280 mm. Dissected.
Very detailed plan of Ardnamurchan peninsula and Sunart showing land use in colour. Field boundaries with fields numbered to correspond to book of reference (AF49/1) which notes acreages of arable plough, arable spade, pasture, lochs and moor. Townships and crofts include Carnoch, Drumnatorran, Ariundle, Scotstown, Scotstown Croft, Wauk Mill Croft, Lower and upper Anaheilt, Strontian Parks, Inn Croft, Ardnastang, Ranachanmore, Ranachanstrone, Camaschoirce (Camus in Chork), Camasine, Resipol, Derrydaff, Claish, Achnanellan, Glenhurich, Polloch, Gorstanvorran, Scamodale, Glasfern, Salen, Tarbert, Camasinas, Laga, Glenborrodale, Glenbeg, Glenmore, Ardslignish, Camphouse (Camusangaal), Tornamoany, Bourblaige, Coiremhuilinn (Corrivuline), Skinad, Mingary, Kilchoan, Glebe, Mill Croft, Ormsaigmore, Ormsaigbeg, Grigadale, Achosnish, Achnaha, Glendrian (Glen Dryden), Achateny, Branault, Kilmory, Swordlechorrach, Swordlemore, Swordlehuel, Ockle (Ochkill), Gortenfern, Gorteneorn, Ardtoe, Shielfoot, Arevegaig and Acharacle. Relief by grey wash. MS addition: 'Edinburgh 25th April 1837. This is the plan referred to in the lease executed between us of this date. Jo. Riddell. J. A. Borrow.' Published in 'Scottish Studies',v 112-17.

Archival history: Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland (AF)

Coordinates: 168916, 766482