Map Of Kincardineshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP6336

Date: 1774

Description: 'A Map of Kincardineshire. Drawn from a survey taken anno MDCCLXXIV'. By William Garden, surveyor. P. Begbie, engraver, London.
Scale 1 inch = 1 mile. 840 x 772 mm. Hand coloured. Engraving. Map has beem split but has been reattached onto backing linen.
Map showing the county of Kincardine and coloured to show parish boundaries. There is a table showing the number of inhabitants and the areas of the parishes. There is also a table of the altituted of the most remarkable hills. Some features outside the County have also been marked, such as ruins of Auchmill Castle, Finzean and Bankhead. Vignettes of Dunnottar Castle. Title ornamented with figure of god of agriculture in agruicultural setting. Dedication: 'To the right hon Maj[o]r General Lord Adam Gordon. Member of Parliament for the County of Kincardine. This Map is with gratitude & respect inscribed by his Lordships most obedient servant William Garden'. Published according to Act of Parliament 20 December 1766.
Note-'In the Parish of St Cyrus the letters L.W.M. denote Laurieston Wood, Mathers & in the fields in which these Letters are inserted belong respectively to these Estates. In the Parish of Marykirk the Letters M, A, D, G, B, denote Middleton. Arnhall, Dalladies, Balbegno & Gallery (for Thornton); & in the fields so marked are the detached Lots of Luthermoor that fell to the share of these Estates in the Division'.

Archival history: Court of Session Records (CS)

Coordinates: 374743, 783037