Plan Of Lands Of Northfield Including St Abbs Head, The Property Of Lord Kames, With Contents List.

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP43284

Date: 1782

Description: 'A plan of North Field in the county of Berwick and parish of Coldingham. The property of the honourable Lord Kaims, judge of the Courts of Session and Justiciary.' Surveyed and drawn by J Ainslie.
[1:3200] 1 inch = 4 Imperial chains. 1150 x 830 mm. Ink and colourwash. Relief by hauchures. Board backing. Compass rose.
Plan of the lands of Northfield showing field names, acreages, and usage. Neighbouring lands named. Table of contents.

Archival history: Purchased in 1981

Coordinates: 386216, 664899