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Plan Of Roads Through The Farm Of Loughton From Eccles Newtown To [eden Hall], Berwickshire

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Organisation: The National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Site ID: RHP4207

Date: 1785

Description: 'A plan of roads through farm of Loughton from the Newtown to the Kelso road at the Wool burn'. By Peter Sharp
[1:3600] 1 inch = 4 [Scottish] chains. 622 x 963 mm. Ink. Linen backing.
Plan of the roads through the farm of Lochton from Eccles (Eccles newtown) to Kelso, lettered to correspond with a table of distances. Steadings of Eccles Newtown, Saint Foin, Lochton and Old Highrighall, Lady Loughton's house, Highrighall New House, some field names and rough delineation of farms by writing of farm's name on plan eg 'Loughton's Ground', River Tweed and streams noted. Part of Ednam parish, Roxburghshire, included. Endorsed 'Peter Sharp being solemnly sworn [damaged] Depones that the within is a just, true and genuine Plan to the best of the Deponent's knowledge, skill and judgement, and this is truthas shall answer to God. Peter Sharp and Jno. Renton.'

Archival history: Court of Session Records (CS)

Coordinates: 377513, 642676